About Katie McKenzie

Katie McKenzie is a South African modern artist working in mixed media on canvas. Katie McKenzie’s artworks are in collections and exhibitions around the world. Her art has collaborated with the Warner Brother’s Movie, Wonder Woman and has featured in the published book; Art and Artists of South Africa.

As a Specialised Kinesiologist & Energy Healer, Katie McKenzie also helps her clients with stress management and creating more healed lives for themselves.


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Healing Sessions




Scarves and wraps



Hear what some of Katie’s clients have to say.

”Hi Katie, I just have to tell you that the lowest reading on my blood sugar was tonight at 5.5. The lowest I’ve ever had before was 6.3.

Thank you!”

(from a client with type 2 diabetes, the night of her 1 st session)

Sharon, Wellington

”Katie really helped me with the recent sleep challenges that I had been struggling with. I had been consistently waking up at the same time in the early hours of the morning and I struggled to get back to sleep afterwards.

Katie tapped into a specific meridian that covered that specific time frame and worked on the energy in that area. I slept so well the night after the session!
Thank you!”

Letanye, Durbanville

”I had never heard of Kinesiology before going to Katie. I now go every month for a balance, re-alignment and to connect with myself.
Each session has been healing and insightful.

With Katie’s wisdom and deep intuition, she uses modalities that differ from the previous
session that amplify and simplify so aptly and practically what I need at the time.”

Kiara, Cape Town

”I have given a session with Katie many times as a gift, because the value is undeniable and I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Lee, Cape Town

“I went to Katie for a pain in my side, and she accurately identified the location, cause and emotions behind it. It’s amazing how your energy in your body shifts when you are sick, and how important it is to realign it. I was a bit sceptical, so went to my doctor to get a second opinion, and she identified the same thing too. Katie is amazing at what she does”

Jen, Cape Town

”Katie’s energy sessions are healing and insightful. Katie has a beautiful energy to be
near and a wealth of Kinesiology tools, where the perfect one seems to appear for me when

I need it.”

Adi, Paarl

It has transformed my life, as I now live without things that limit me from having my best life.

I love how Katie works; it is very gentle, but powerful and effective in getting to the roots without being invasive.

I highly recommend Katie to help make shifts in your life to move forward.

I wish I had met her years ago.”

Lorinda, Franschhoek

I initially went to see Katie because of gut issues and anxiety. I was desperate; I felt exhausted, sleep-deprived and genuinely felt called to go and see her for a session. I have tried many energy workers before and seen doctors, but nothing seemed to work and left me with unwanted side effects.

Katie made me feel at ease from the start, like meeting a best friend, and she led me through my first session with sincerity. Her knowledge and wisdom started to unfold further in future sessions, and she amazed me with what she discovered was going on in my body and energy field.

No one before had suggested the discomfort I had been having with my gut could be years of stored trauma, fear of rejection and my body being in fight, flight & freeze mode.

I have intensely felt the benefits of each session (physically, mentally & spiritually) with Katie.

Lorinda, Franschhoek