Anti-Aging Silk

                                                                   Wrap yourself in the Beauty of Silk!

Silk is luxurious to the touch and falls beautifully against the skin, but it doesn't just look beautiful, it has beautiful benefits too!


Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. This is because of silk's natural protective origins.

The natural function of silk, which is spun by silk worms to create cocoons for themselves, is to keep themselves safe from predators, such as dust mites.

Therefore, silk is free from any potentially irritating added chemicals and it naturally wards off various environmental allergens (and resulting skin conditions), including dust mites, mould, and fungus.


As the skin ages, the skin looses moisture, but the tightly-woven, smooth fibers of silk help keep moisture close to the skin.


100% silk has natural anti-bacterial properties


Silk is a wonderful material to wear all year round, no matter the season, as it is a thermo-adapter, meaning that it adapts to the weather and keeps you cool in the heat and warm in winter!


Silk may also help to preserve your hair style while you sleep. When wrapping a silk scarf around your head while sleeping, the oils in your hair won’t increase as much and you’ll be able to hold on to your blowout for an extra day or two.


When wearing silk, the natural, breathable qualities of silk allow the skin to breathe and may even help ease menopausal hot flashes, prevent the effects of aging, and relieve certain skin conditions

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