Art Meets Fashion

    • All Designs from Original Art
    • 100% Silk
    • Traditional Hand-Rolled and Hand-Stitched Hems
    • Water-Based Inks
    • 100% Natural and Environmentally Friendly
    • Bespoke Designs
    • Charity Collaborations
    • Wonder Woman Collaboration
    • The Perfect Travel and Fashion Accessory

      As an artist and having worked in fashion (modelling, design, product development, buying) for many years, I have always wanted to combine my love for art and fashion.

      Throughout my fashion career, I have traveled frequently and my essential travel accessory has always been a scarf and definitely more than one!

      Scarves don't weigh a thing and hardly take up any space in a limited travel wardrobe!

      Not only are scarves the perfect accessory to protect my throat from harsh climates or from the aircon in airports, trains and planes, they are also the perfect fashion accessory to uplift a limited travel wardrobe.

                                                                 The Freedom & Flight Collection

      Scarves are very versatile and can be styled around the neck and body in a multitude of ways! Scarves can also be accessorised further e.g. as a hair accessory, as a belt, wrapped as an arm accessory or wrapped around a handbag handle.


      Not only is the scarf my favourite travel accessory, it has now become my favourite accessory full stop!! Any time, anywhere, day or night!

      Inspired by my favourite accessory, I have set out to create beautiful, unique and luxurious silk accessories that are bespoke and timeless.

      It is also very important for me to create an environmentally friendly and 100% natural product, therefore only water-based inks are used on natural and luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk.

      As my intention is to combine my love for both art and fashion, prints are created exclusively from my original artworks, adding to the timeless appeal and bespoke nature of these luxurious silk accessories.

      It has been very important for me to use the luxurious fabric of 100% silk for the range, as I am a strong advocate for the healing properties of silk. (please read more about these properties under The Beauty of Silk tab)

      I have stayed true to the age-old tradition and luxurious trimmings of silk accessories by incorporating rolled and stitched hems by hand.

      The charity collection within the range is very important to me. My family has a long history with Save the Children and I would like to continue the tradition of contributing.


      I have also been incredibly proud to have collaborated with HSN, Warner Brothers and Vida in promoting the Wonder Woman movie with my Tribal Symmetry painting.

      I hope that you enjoy the timeless and traditional elegance, luxury and healing properties of these special pieces and have fun accessorising them in fabulous ways!

      P.S. Watch out for new luxury product launches soon as we expand our range!