LAYITA translates as ‘light-up’ in Xhosa.

Xhosa is the African language of Cape Town, situated at the bottom of the African continent, where LAYITA Luxury Candles are hand-poured using a natural, custom blend of luxurious ingredients.

I have always loved candles for their relaxing and healing attributes. Therefore, my goal was to create the most exclusive luxury candles that would literally allow the soul, body and mind to ‘light-up’ through the glow emanating from 100% cotton, lead-free wicks and the healing scent emanating from the unique custom blend of raw, unbleached beeswax, GMO-free soy wax and organic essential oil. Hence, LAYITA is the perfect name.

As a frequent traveler, I find it impractical to transport large, heavy candles with me, therefore I have created beautiful, luxury travel candles in lidded tins to compliment the glass home candles within the range.

Luxurious Lemongrass has been chosen as the debut scent for LAYITA Luxury Candles, not only because of its naturally exquisite scent, but also for its healing and uplifting properties.

The Lemongrass essential oil is a natural insect repellent (perfect for travelers).  Lemongrass is also known to boost energy and relieve anxiety, tension and pain.

Due to the luxurious natural waxes and organic essential oil used in the LAYITA custom blend, the warm pooled wax can be massaged onto the hands and cuticles for luxurious nourishment.

The 100% cotton, lead-free wicks allow for a clean burn and the custom, natural wax blend creates a very long burn time.

Therefore, the stylishly beautiful LAYITA Luxury Candles will last for a long time, while healing and uplifting the body, mind and soul.

‘I love using the warm pooled wax on my nails, cuticles and hands before I go to sleep, as the wax has wonderful nourishing and healing properties and instills a beautiful aroma as I drift off to sleep.’