Care Instructions

                                                          CELEBRATE SILK

The luxurious beauty of silk requires loving care, but don't be too tender, as these luxurious accessories are meant to be celebrated and worn!!

Mulberry Silk is hardier than people may think, but do pay attention when wearing jagged pieces of jewellery that can nick the silk or nick the carefully placed stitching on the hand-stitched and hand-rolled hems.

Dry Clean or Hand Wash in Cold Water

Hand Washing:

  • Use a little clear liquid hand soap and allow it to foam in cold water in the bathroom basin.
  • Place the scarves or pocket squares into this water and allow them to soak for a bit before rinsing them with clean cold water. Quick and easy.


  • Hang the silk to air-dry over a non-heated towel rail or steam dry
  • Don't use pegs, as these will mark the silk.
  • Hang as flat as possible, as there will be less creases.

Straightening Creases:

  • Steam with a steamer (the little hand-held ones are the best) or iron on the silk setting.
  • It helps to place a piece of cotton over the silk for added protection when ironing.