‘Katie’s Energy Sessions have been healing and insightful. Katie has a beautiful energy to be near and a wealth of Kinesiology tools, where the perfect one seems to appear for me just when I need it!’ 

Adi Zuk – Serial Entrepreneur & Successful Business Owner


‘I had never heard of Kinesiology before going to Katie. I now go every month for a balance, re-alignment and to connect with myself.

I have given a session with her many times as a gift, because the value is undeniable and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Each session has been healing and insightful and with Katie’s wisdom and deep intuition, she uses modalities that differ from the previous session that amplify and simplify so aptly and practically what I need at the time.’

Lee Kiara – COO & Co-Founder


‘Katie really helped me with the recent sleep challenges that I had been struggling with. I had been struggling to sleep and waking up in the early hours of the morning at the same time for a while. Katie tapped into a specific meridan that covered that specific time frame and worked on the energy in that area. I slept so well that night! Thank you so much!’
Letanye – Biokineticist