What is Kinesiology?


'Everything is Energy' Albert Einstein


The healing power of Universal Energy is something that I have been intuitively interested in for decades.

We are all connected through this energy, as are all the functions of our body.

For example, our emotional health (e-motion = energy in motion) effects our mental and physical health and vice versa.

Nothing works in isolation, here are just some examples:

  • feeling sick to your stomach on hearing bad news

  • feeling shivers down your spine when you hear something unpleasant

  • jumping for joy upon hearing happy news

  • tearing up or having a lump in your throat with sadness

  • hairs standing on end when 'unnerved'


I offer Healing Energy Sessions that combine Specialised Kinesiology, Reiki & Intuitive Analysis.


Regular Kinesiology sessions are a wonderful way to manage stress naturally and tap into the body's own innate wisdom and healing.

As we know, stress is one of the main causes of many diseases, ailments and ageing.

Therefore, managing stress better has a vast positive impact on your health and well being and is able to slow down the ageing process.


Specialised Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring techniques to tap into the body in order to un-suppress the root cause of the client's concern. It is a holistic way of assessing the client; mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically.

Specialised Kinesiology combines modalities such as; neuro-training, neuro-organisational technique, anatomy, physiology, pathology, metaphysics, touch for health, emotional kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine techniques & acupressure points, meridians, chakras and so much more to get to the root cause of emotional, energetic, mental or physical stressors that are holding you back in life.

Just a few examples of what Kinesiology can assist with are:

emotional or physical pain, stress, ageing, self-esteem, self-worth, allergies, illness, fears, phobias, exam stress, learning difficulties, brain fog, posture alignment, insomnia, chakra balancing and so much more.

Sessions offer gentle healing and are fully clothed.

Sessions are mainly in-person, however, online sessions are also offered.