About Katie McKenzie

Katie McKenzie is a South African modern artist working in mixed media on canvas. Katie McKenzie’s artworks are in collections and exhibitions around the world. Her art has collaborated with the Warner Brother’s Movie, Wonder Woman and has featured in the published book; Art and Artists of South Africa.

As a Specialised Kinesiologist & Energy Healer, Katie McKenzie also helps her clients with stress management and creating more healed lives for themselves.

About Katie

Art & Healing go Hand-in-Hand
‘Creating is one of the biggest gifts of healing that we can give to ourselves.’

As each and every one of us was created and everything originated from a single atom, therefore, each time we create, we connect to source energy.

‘Everything is Energy.’ Albert Einsten

‘When I’m able to switch off and get lost in the energy of creating an artwork, that is my meditation.’

The healing and creating aspects of Katie’s profession as an Artist link to her profession
in Energy Healing & Stress Management, through Specialised Kinesiology, Reiki and
Intuition, where she assists her clients in creating better health & well-being for themselves.

Katie’s Artistic Style & Focus

Monochromes & Metallics

Katie McKenzie is currently focusing on artworks that are created from Monochromes & Metallics. Metallics represent the human energy element of Katie’s work.

By working with Monochromes and Metallics in her new collections, Katie is able to focus on the purity of her subject matter and the essence of form. Within this Monochrome & Metallic colour palette, Katie McKenzie is creating paintings within uniquely specific styles:

Geometric Abstraction

Katie McKenzie’s completely symmetrical artwork title; Tribal Symmetry, was chosen from artists all around the world to collaborate with the Warner Brother’s Movie, Wonder Woman. This is the 1st artwork in her collection of geometric works and it portrays an aesthetic that celebrates her African heritage.

One Colour Collection

Katie McKenzie’s focus on the essence of form extends to her One Colour Collection. After much trial and error, Katie McKenzie has created a technique that allows her to create her subject matter on canvas from One Colour Only.

‘Tribal Symmetry’ 2

Tribal Symmetry by Katie McKenzie

White One Colour Feather

White One Colour Feather
by Katie McKenzie

Energy Abstraction

Energy Abstraction
by Katie McKenzie

Pure Forestry

Pure Forestry
by Katie McKenzie

Gold One Colour Feather

Gold One Colour Feather
by Katie McKenzie

About Energy Healing with Katie McKenzie

As a Kinesiologist, Reiki practitioner & Intuitive, I offer Energy Healing Sessions for general health & well-being and specific health & well-being, focusing on:

Stress Management & General Well-Being, Anti-Ageing, Fertility, Digestive Health

Prevention is better than cure. Specialised Kinesiology & Energy Healing are highly beneficial for general stress management, in order to continually bring the body back into balance and prevent stress from affecting your health & well-being.

How can Specialised Kinesiology Energy Healing help you?

By using gentle muscle monitoring techniques, Specialised Kinesiology taps into the energy systems of the body, working holistically with the client; emotionally, physically, neurologically and energetically.

‘Everything is Energy’ by Albert Einstein – even historical scientists know that everything is connected.

It has been proven that the majority of disease or ‘dis-ease’ in the body, stems from unresolved emotions (emotions = energy in motion or e-motion). Therefore, kinesiologists assist the client in dealing with unresolved emotions and stresses, which often manifest as physical ailments or disease. Specialised Kinesiology connects to the root cause of stresses and unresolved stress reactions and assists the client to work through them. Specialised Kinesiology believes that the body has the ability to self-heal. Therefore, Kinesiologists work with the client to assist the client in accessing their own inner healing to assist the body’s natural healing process. Go to our Frequently Asked Questions page or Click Here for further information on Kinesiology.


Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out Of The Crowd
by Katie McKenzie

Stress Management

STRESS = a SMALL word with BIG effects.
The demands of life are stressful, yet we often don’t realise just how extensively stress affects us on all levels; emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and energetically. Stress is a word that has become such a common word in our daily vocabulary!

“Work is so stressful, I’m so stressed I can’t sleep, sitting in traffic is so stressful, balancing work and family life is so stressful, I’m so stressed about my exams, about my test results etc. etc. etc.”

It has been proven that epigenetics effects our health more than our genetics, meaning that our lifestyle choices and the way that we manage stress, directly affects our health and well- being.

More stressed cells are more aged cells. When we heal ourselves, we heal our cells. It has
been proven that poor health and poor stress management speed up the ageing process.
Refer to the book; The Telomere Effect by doctors, Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel, in
which Nobel Prize winning scientific research reveals how stress directly effects the age of our cells.

Fertility & Digestive Health
When chronically in the sympathetic stress response, the parasympathetic nervous system
cannot work sufficiently. Our parasympathetic nervous system stimulates our digestive and
reproductive systems, along with the body’s overall healing, which is why these functions are often affected when stressed.

By bringing the body back into balance on a holistic level; emotionally, physically, mentally and energetically, Specialised Kinesiology has the ability to assist with healing on many levels and continuing to work with a Kinesiologist in this regard can have long lasting healing benefits and help you to maintain healthy stress levels.

Just some of the concerns that Specialised Kinesiology &
Energy Healing can
assist with:
General stress & poor health and specific stresses & health issues e.g. digestion, fertility, emotional pain, physical discomfort, physical pain, headaches, learning difficulties, fatigue, sleep issues, brain fog, exam stress, relationship difficulties, self-esteem, depression, posture alignment and so much more…

Fertility Goddess

Fertility Goddess by Katie