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FAQ’s About Healing

Origins of Specialised Kinesiology
Specialised Kinesiology has origins within multiple fields of western and eastern medicine and therapies.

What do Specialised Kinesiologists do?
Specialised Kinesiology treats the person as a whole, to find out what is behind the symptoms they are experiencing. Specialised Kinesiology works with the energy systems of the body to assist in bringing the body back into balance: emotionally, energetically, physically and neurologically. Specialised Kinesiology works gently with the muscles as biofeedback to tap into the energy systems of the client. Specialised Kinesiology is a participatory process. The client is actively involved in the session in order to notice old patterns that have kept them stuck and to willingly create change and move forward to live their best life.

Do I have to be ill or suffering from pain to see a Specialised Kinesiologist?
No, Specialised Kinesiology and Energy Healing are highly beneficial for general stress management, in order to continually bring the body back into balance. Prevention is better than cure.

What is Reiki?
Reiki comprises gentle energy healing techniques through the hands to activate the natural healing processes of the client. Crystals and complimentary healing tools may be used in the session.

About Angel Card Readings?
This is where you pull a card randomly, yet it is your energetic alignment that draws you to the card and gives you the message that you subconsciously want to receive. This message of healing and growth is unpacked during the session.

How many healing sessions do I need?
It depends on the client, however I do find that clients benefit from multiple sessions when working through a specific stress or stresses. Regular sessions are also recommended for maintaining healthy stress levels in order to prevent stress from negatively affecting health and well-being as much as possible.

Are sessions also offered online?

What can Kinesiologists help with?
General stress and poor health, digestion, fertility, emotional healing, physical discomfort, pain, fatigue, sleep issues, brain fog, exam stress, relationship difficulties, self-esteem, posture alignment, headaches, depression and so much more….

Are Specialised Kinesiologists and Energy Healers doctors?
No and do not diagnose or prescribe.

What do I wear to a session?
Sessions are fully clothes and wearing comfortable clothing helps!

How long is a session?
1 hour

What to expect from a session?
If the session is in-person, you will generally be lying down, whilst the practitioner uses gentle muscle monitoring techniques as biofeedback. Each session differs according to the kinesiologist and to the information that comes up with the client during the sessions.

Sessions and Religion
Specialised Kinesiology respects a client’s religious beliefs. I work with clients of all religions.

FAQ’s About Art

 How long does an art commission take to create? 
This depends on the size and complexity of the brief. It also depends on the number of works that Katie McKenzie is currently working on. Contact Katie McKenzie asap with your brief or artwork ideas and we will ensure to reply asap with estimated costings and lead times.

Does Katie McKenzie provide advice on framing the artwork?
Yes! We can assist you with choosing the perfect frame and even have it framed for
you prior to delivery. Or you can choose to have the canvas stretched onto a frame which you can
hang straight onto a wall with no boarder frame required. Chat to Katie McKenzie about your personal preferences.

How long does a mural take to create?
It all depends on the size of the wall and the subject matter for the mural that is briefed. The smallest murals usually take 2 days and the largest can take weeks. Contact Katie McKenzie asap with images of murals that you would like to be created and we will ensure to reply asap with estimated costings and lead times.

How does the client brief a mural or painting?
The easiest way is to send the artist images or a mood board of the type of subject matter and colours that you’d like on your bespoke mural or painting, whether it be an abstract pattern, a sunset, foliage, animals etc. Katie McKenzie will then work with you to achieve your desired art piece.

Does Katie McKenzie also provide advice and project management on interior projects?
Yes! Whether it be advice on creating statement walls in your home painted from a single colour, to give your home ‘a little facelift’ or whether you would like assistance with finding the right interior décor for your home, from light fittings, to tiles, fabric and furniture and décor items. Contact Katie McKenzie with all your interior décor needs and we will reply asap.