Privacy Policy

Katie McKenzie

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Katie McKenzie products are in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) as it pertains to the below:

1. We won’t pass on personal information regarding customer contact details without the customer’s permission unless legally required to
do so.

2. We will not pass on email addresses of newsletter subscribers without the customer’s permission unless legally required to do so.

3. Customers are able to contact us to opt out of any marketing at: [email protected]

4. Customers and clients warrant that the information they provide is accurate, current, true and correct, doesn’t impersonate or misrepresent any person or entity and doesn’t falsely state or misrepresent.

5. Very little payment information is stored by us, as we currently work with Payfast as our online payment platform. You are encouraged to view their privacy policy and contact them with any payment concerns.

6. Security of your information: Whilst we have taken reasonable steps to secure the personal information you provide, please be aware that despite our efforts, no security measures are perfect or impenetrable
and no method of data protection can be guaranteed, therefore we cannot guarantee complete security of your personal information.

7. You are encouraged to periodically review the Privacy Policy to stay informed on updates. By continuing to use the site you will be accepting the Privacy Policy and any changes to it.